Lilburn Workspace Lilburn Workspace

Ph: 09 425 7719
5 Lilburn Street, Warkworth

  About Us

We recognised a need for professional office space for small consultancies that was within easy striking distance of the central Warkworth amenities.

We have created a workspace that is peaceful, creative, supportive and friendly. Now in our third year of business, we find the offices full with a diverse range of small business entities, all of whom enjoy the opportunity to have private space but also some interaction with fellow professionals.

Visitors to Lilburn Workspace always comment on how attractive and peaceful the environment is, and that has helped us maintain near-100% occupancy since we opened.

We encourage potential tenants or users of the meeting room to come and visit us and get a feel for the environment. Contact us any time to make an appointment to view Lilburn Workspace.

It is hard to believe that such a peaceful and pleasant environment is right near the heart of town. There is an ideal mix of seclusion in one's own office space, and a friendly, professional atmosphere in which to mix when you need some time out from work.