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5 Lilburn Street, Warkworth

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An attractive large meeting room available for meetings or workshops up to 12 people. Great out-of-Auckland venue for a wide range of individual or team sessions such as planning days, team building, workshops, mediations, arbitrations, etc. It is also ideal as a quiet, private space for employers and employees to have staff meetings, employee appraisals or disciplinary meetings. View Meeting Room Policy.
Client recommendations.

'Well organised, pleasant surroundings and supportive. Great staff assistance provided as needed.'
Dale Bailey, Area Manager Northern, Career Services Rapuara

'The people at Lilburn House are well organised, welcoming and very helpful. They recently went out and bought a fan for us on an extremely hot day - superb service.'
Wendy Drumm, Practice Leader, Career Services

'Always helpful and accommodating when we have late minute changes to our plans for meetings and the rooms are always ready for our use on arrival with freshly brewed coffee.'
John Furey, Area Administrator - Northern, Career Services

'I find the Lilburn meeting room a quiet, affordable, convenient, comfortable space to meet my clients. It is close to town and has easy access and parking. I am a casual user and have found I can more often than not get the time and day I want. I would definitely recommend the meeting space to others.'
Cath O'Hara - Youtrition

'The Businessbox training programs and networks have been set up to run in local communities, and we were looking for a space to be able to run the trainings. When we looked around Warkworth we struggled to find a professional meeting space large enough to run our trainings, and small enough to create a good atmosphere. The Lilburn workspace meeting room has been the most cost effective means for us to run our training programs, and basically made it viable for us to do so.
Luke, Matt and the team at Lilburn workspace have been great to deal with. I would recommend you use them if you have the need, and I won't hesitate using them again and again.'

Jeremy Thornton - Businessbox trainings


1-3 year leases for businesses needing permanent office space and access to great meeting rooms. We also offer a casual lease that we call the Lilburn Lounge lease. View Floor Plan.


For people who need a space to write, work, use email and broadband internet etc. on a casual basis. Price $20 per hour.

Lilburn Services
Lilburn Services